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 Bestiary - Constructs

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The Lumbering Automaton
The Lumbering Automaton

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PostSubject: Bestiary - Constructs   Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:38 am

A Collaboration of all the known Constructs:

Name: Construct
Description: A mechanical device shaped like a man, made of stone or metal, either way, emotionless, tough, and dangerous if not dispatched quickly. Usually guards of something important.
HP: 600
Alignment: Defensive
Resist Poison
Resist Darkness
Extra Weakness to Shock
Location: The Wizard's Tower, The Forge
AKA: Rusty construct, Netherrock Guardian, Automaton, Steel Soldier

Name: Golem
Description: Lifeless husks formed from various materials. They are usually made to guard something or..someone.
HP: 1000-1250
Alignment: Defensive
Resist Darkness
Location: The Wizard's Tower, The Deep Delver Dungeon
AKA: Rusty Golem, Flesh Golem, Greater Golem, Titanic Golem

Name: Centurions
Description: Centurions are robots made by the Tech Gnomes to protect their city. Centurions have been known to be brutal and ruthless none the less they keep the city in order
HP: 150-200
Alignment: Defensive
Steam Cannon
Repair (Heals them self or any other mechanical creature)
Location: Steam Hill,
AKA: Guardian Centurion, Watchmen Centurion

Name: Sentry
Description: Constructs resembling gigantic eyeballs.
HP: 100-125
Alignment: Defensive
Light Beam
Location: The Wizard's Tower
AKA: Watcher, Mechanical Eyeball, Concentrator

Feel free to add more as long as they continue this layout:

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Bestiary - Constructs

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