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 Heroes of Balance

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PostHeroes of Balance

Heroes of Balance (HoB)

About Us.
Well, this is going to be a small group for Titan Quest. We will help you out or even help you farm. We are part of the gaming community [AGNet] (Aura Gaming Net). Also only respected members of [AGNet] or [GFN] can join. By the way, don't bother asking what [GFN] is.

1. No hacking to get items.
2. No using level 75 test/roleplay characters.
3. No spamming on the forum.
4. No asking for items. Earn them.
5. No giving super high level items to a newbe.

*Wishbone - Leader of [AGN] and [HoB]

Perks (What you get when you join.)
1. Forum title of "HoB Member" of any color you want.
2. The very first member to join gets a mid blue armor set.
3. Get to meet a god like character. (I'm talking about a Titan Quest roleplay character.)
4. Get to make a wish. (You can wish for a item on Titan Quest that you want. Also might come true and might not.)
5. One step closer to being a VIP on the forum.
6. [AGNet]'s eternal love. Smile

How to join...
You have to post:
Your main char's name.
Level of your main char.
Your steam name.
Quote :
*Name: Atlas
*Level: 19
*Steam Name: Wishbone
[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Level: [/b]
[b]Steam Name: [/b]

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Heroes of Balance :: Comments

Re: Heroes of Balance
Post on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:38 pm by ๖ۣۜMilkman
Name: Loki
Level: 3 but soon to be much higher
Steam Name: ๖ۣۜPanda

Heroes of Balance

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