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 Life is funny in so many ways.

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PostLife is funny in so many ways.

It's funny how you say one thing and they ever talk to ya again, it's funny how people that used to be friends never talk anymore, it's funny when you say one thing and they act like they listen when they don't. All those little things are funny to, like all the drama in high school. How people lie to you, like people who lie to their friends. also, funny how people say one thing and mean a other, funny how my only best friend i met online. funny of how many things i have seen and i should be depressed and feel terrible, funny how people can't stand the truth, funny how people change and use you, funny how people think they're better because they think they are. funny how many people threated me, funny how people say they'll kill me, funny how people brag about one thing but can't do it, funny how life is full of all these things. I just find life funny. This is why life is worth living, because it's funny has hell.

"One mans dream is a other mans fear."
"Their is only one thing we can control in life. Rather we are good or evil."

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Life is funny in so many ways. :: Comments

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Life is funny in so many ways.

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