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 Fake Treasure Box - Mimic

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The Lumbering Automaton
The Lumbering Automaton

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PostSubject: Fake Treasure Box - Mimic   Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:46 am

Name: Mimic
Description: A shape-shifting creature that usually appears in the form of a treasure chest or a coffin. Mercy to those who come across such vile creatures, not only killing you, but adding insult to injury with their fake gold and jewels.
Alignment: Aggressive, but waits and attacks
HP: 1000
Magic Resist
Lightning Storm
Location: Anywhere treasure be...

Other Forms:

1. Mimic

2. Locked Box (More HP, "Resist Physical," "Resist Ranged," No "Resist Magic")

3. Pandora's Box (More HP, "Call Creature" special move)[b]
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Fake Treasure Box - Mimic

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